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Beware of Snickies Dolls Ragdolls Cat Breeder in Mooresville North Carolina.Snickies Dolls Ragdolls are selling sick Ragdoll kittens in Lake Norman Mooresville North Carolina, because they sold me a sick kitten.

And what my kitten from Snickies Dolls has is not curable. It is very very sad to have a new kitten that is sick and at the vets all the time. Just beware, please. Buyer beware with Snickies Dolls Ragedolls.

If you buy a kitten from Snickies Dolls have your vet check out the kitten first before you buy one from them.

They give a health guarantee but it did not help my kitten.Please beware of this breeder.

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Ladson, South Carolina, United States #1182891

What was this breeders name please? Have they named their cattery something else now?


I do not know this breeder, but I am a breeder myself.I do not cage my animals, they are raised underfoot in the house with other cats and two dogs.

I make sure my kittens have had their wormings, age appropriate vaccinations and tests before they go to their new homes. And as careful as I am, there is no guarantee that a kitten will not develop a minor illness, or even a deadly one. Two of my kittens that went to the same home developed diarrhea within the first couple of days. They had other cats also.

Even though anything could have caused it, I paid their vet bill. Please, please don't jump to the conclusion that just because you purchased a cat that was ill, doesn't mean the sale was malicious or that the breeder knew this kitten was sick. And as heartbreaking as it is, there is no way to know with some of the diseases a kitten can contract. We, as breeders, do our best, but we are not perfect.

I worry everyday when there is a litter in the house and pray when they leave that they are healthy. But you never know. Cut this breeder some slack. I'm sure it was not intentional.

I also know your heartbreak and feel for you.Sometimes bad thing happen.


We purchased a female ragdoll kitten from this breeder last summer and did not find out until the cat got sick that it contracted Feline leukemia from its mother.My daughter was attached to her by that time and we decided to keep her.

The cat did well for 9 months but suddenly fell ill, became anemic and died.

My wife and daughter were devastated.I hope no one else buys a sick cat from them and goes through what we did.


I bought a kitten from Snickies ragdolls 2 years ago and he is the most beautiful cat you have ever seen! In fact we just bought another kitten from them for my daughter.....I cant say enough good about this breeder! I have looked at many breeders for kittens this one by far was the cleanest and had the most friendly kittens around.


:) Just want to say that I am so pleased to find this comment as I was worried the breeders were no longer in existence.We got the best ragdoll ever, about 2 years ago, from them.

He was a very mischievous kitten,(they called him trouble, and he was enjoying life inside their very clean, and lovely house when we met him) but he had been so well socialised, and he has given us 2 years of absolute joy. We cannot say enough how much we love him, and how grateful we are to the breeders. I would definitely get another kitten from them, should the situation arise, in the future. I have had numerous ragdolls, having lived around the world, from different breeders.

Some have unfortunately been sick with UTI's and "snuffles", others not.To date our big boy VALE has been the healthiest of all our "raggies", and has the best personality ever.


another follow up: yes the kitten was diagnosed with a uti but after ten days of anti biotics there was still dark urine.Took him back and the red blood cell count was really hi and the white was not bad.

But put him on the special diet and all is better.The final diagnosis is FLUTD This is all documented on his vet records, and the vet consulted with another vet on his case.


Our kitten was diagnosed with blood in the urine and has been on antibiotics several times.The vet wanted to do more tests for blockage and other things.

The red blood cell count was extremely high and the white blood cell count has been high and low since the beginning too. The special diet helped the urine go back to regular color, not concentrated tea color anymore. The kitten had a big pot belly. But he was wormed and his stool was checked.

He doesnt have worms now and the pot belly is not as big. Just beware.

They do keep the younger kittens in a cage with a shaved ragoll stud caged at the top of the cage unit in a garage on concrete but I was told that they would no longer be caged after being litter trained (cuz it is too messy) and that was when they were about 5 weeks of age I believe.The kitten has a very nice personaltiy and is very pretty.


What was your kitten diganosed with?a UTI?

That doesn't require special food forever. Also why did your vet worm the kitten, when it must not have had worms, if it was already wormed.

Your vet was wrong to worm the kitten without having a positive fecal test.Lots of kittens/cats get sick, sounds like he had some simple problems that were very easy to treat.


Another followup becuz the first is no longer appearing.The kitten from Snickies dolls in Mooresville NC had blood in urine.

The vet diagnosed it. He will be on special cat food forever. Also, the breeder, gave the kitten worm medicine the day we picked the kitten up but didnt tell us. So we ended up worming the kitten two days in a row as a result.

Pretty kitten with a nice personality.just beware


What was wrong with the kitten?

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